On Saturday I spent the whole day talking to people about their breathing at an event in Axminster Devon.

At the end of a busy and successful day I noticed I was overbreathing and my throat and nose were dry, with a build up of mucus. Interestingly these symptoms started after only a few hours of talking.

For anyone with breathing related problems , Talking can cause us to breathe too much through our mouth. This is especially the case when talking quickly or for long periods.

Please be aware of your breath whilst talking and also when eating and endeavour on both counts try to and “slow down” and ensure that as much as possible you breathe through your nose .

An added bonus being that there is clear evidence that slowing down your speech and pausing for breath aids the way we communicate and engage with people.

Regarding eating – please try to ensure you eat slower and do not mouth breathe. This will provide many health benefits including improved digestion and prevent boated or windy stomachs.

A simple tip to try –

Talk into a mirror and observe if you mouth breathe at the end of a sentence/statement ? You might be write shocked as to how much mouth breathing you actually do!