buteyko breathing method alleviates asthma and allergies

Alleviate asthma and breathing difficulties with Natural Breathing Training

Do you struggle for breath?
Are you worried about being dependent on medication?
Are you living as actively as you want to, or is your breathing holding you back?

The Natural Breathing Training Programme will teach you:

  • how to bring your breathing back to normal – all of the time
  • how to live without fear of losing control of your breathing
  • how to switch from mouth to nasal breathing
  • how to unblock the nose
  • how to breathe well during exercise
  • how to incorporate the strategies into your own way of life

The results you can expect:

50% less wheezing and coughing within two weeks

“I’m not in fear any more.” Daniel – Neuquen, Argentina

“Buteyko Breathing Technique may be considered to help patients to control the symptoms of asthma.” Guidelines on the management of asthma by the British Thoracic Society, 2008

The Natural Breathing Training Company teaches the Buteyko Breathing Method. If you’re a person who likes the facts at your fingertips, please click here for lots of great Buteyko resources and information.

“Hi Maggie, just to let you know I’m still doing the exercises you showed me. I was at the doctor for check up and he told me no need for inhalers any more. Thanks for all your help, will keep doing the exercises.”
John – Limerick, Ireland
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