Read testimonials from our students

“I was at the doctor for check up and he told me no need for inhalers any more. Thanks for all your help, will keep doing the exercises”
John – Limerick, Ireland
“I’ve done courses in meditation, yoga, etc. But I wanted to deal with times when I struggle for breath. Our culture is ignorant of how to breathe correctly. My experience with the course was buenisimo (really good). I now know how to work with my breath during the day. I do the exercises from the course and I feel better. I’m not suddenly Superman, but I realise now how I am breathing and even that’s effective. I’m super content with the course.”
Sebastian – Buenos Aires, Argentina
“The exercises give me calmer, unbroken sleep. I’m waking up refreshed and energised.”
Keith – Limerick, Ireland
“I slept so well that the alarm didn’t wake me. This never happens!”
Gisela – Buenos Aires, Argentina
“I’m sleeping through the night. I’ve incorporated the exercises into my lifestyle. My nose isn’t blocked any more.”
Sharon – Evesham, UK
“I’ve stopped snoring!”
Carlos – Buenos Aires, Argentina
“I actually stopped using the CPAP machine about three weeks ago. I used it for about five years. I find that I’m sleeping well and I’m sleeping longer.”
Bob – New York, USA
“I feel better after 2 hours in class than I have done in months!”
Jim – Liverpool, UK
“I can think more clearly, get less brain fog and concentrate better. My circulation has improved.”
Patricia – Manchester, UK
“Thank you again for what you have taught me. It’s been quite revolutionary for me. Made a massive difference!”
Andrea – Liverpool, UK
“Maggie started me off with a tool I’d never heard of before [Buteyko] to learn to breathe, and once I introduced the method in my daily life the symptoms of asthma quickly disappeared. It’s incredible that this method, which is the definitive cure of this chronic illness, is not known in the world. Maggie is, I want to add, an excellent facilitator of the method and she conveys the necessary information clearly, and with much commitment and care. I haven’t had a single crisis since I learnt to be aware of my breathing. Infinite thanks!”
Monica – Nicaragua

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